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About Taj
About Taryll
About TJ



Real Name: Tito Joe Jackson

Stage Name
: TJ Jackson
Children :   None
Married/or dating : Private  

Parents : Same as Taj & Taryll
TJ : Looks like a Younger version of his Father Tito as well .
TJ & his Big Bro Taj Both look like  Poppa-T .
Currently Living : Los Angeles , CA

Birthday: July 16, 1978


Astrological Sign:
Ethnicity : African American & Mexican
Langauage : English & Spanish
Hair Texture & Color : Curly , & dark brown  ( Like his Brother Taj )
Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6 feet

Shoe Size:

Graduated from the Buckley School in 1996. Took self-study courses in real estate law, real estate finance, and real estate economics.

Siblings: Taj & Taryll

Hobbies: Music, Sports, Movies, Stocks

2 Female Dogs - Yabo and Sweet Pee

Other Ambition besides music:
Investor, Acting, Entrepreneur (BTW, TJ is a real estate agent also)

Most Embarrassing moment as 3T:
Taj hitting fan with microphone during "Anything"

Greatest Moment as 3T:
Performing live in front of all the 3T fans in Europe

Favorite Food:
French Fries, Pizza, Tacos

Favorite Color:
Dark Blue, Grey

Favorite Number:

Favorite Snack:
Fruit Roll Ups

Favorite TV Show:
Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Actor:
Samuel L. Jackson, Robert de Niro

Favorite Actress:
Vivica Fox

Favorite CD:

Favorite Song:
"Man in the Mirror"

Favorite 3T Song:
More On TJ : TJ likes to save his money & invest in land & realestate
TJ is the Business mind behing 3T as a group . He is also known to create their Music lable TTT Music in 2000 .
TJ loves learning & Reading about business.

Birthdate and birthday place
7/16/78 Hollywood, CA 

What kind of girls don't you like? And why?
All girls are special in their own way

Do you wish a lot of children?
yes .  I would like seven kids 

TJ, Superman ,& Mi Hijo ( Means My Son in Spanish )
TJs Dislikes:
LA  Traffic & Hollywood,CA
TJ Official site
Coming soon!

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