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About Taj
About Taryll
About TJ



Real Name: Taryll Adren Jackson

Stage Name:
Taryll Jackson
Children : None
Married/Dating : Private

Currently Living :  Los Angeles , CA

Age: 30
Parents : Same as Taj & Li'l Bro TJ
Taryll : Looks like his Uncle Michael  & Has his Grandpaw Joes Eyes ( Hazel) .

Birthday: August 8, 1975
Ethnicity : African American, & Mexican
Language: English & Spanish
Hair texture & Color  : Wavy , Blondish Brown  
Eyes Color : Hazel

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Shoe Size:
10 1/2

Astrological Sign:

Graduated from the Buckley School in 1993. Attended some college at Loyala Marymount Univeristy.

 Taj, &  TJ Jackson

Reading, Video Games, Watching wrestling


Other Ambition besides music:
Business, Movies, Video

Most Embarrassing moment as 3T:
Taj throwing microphone in crowd by accident during "Anything".

Greatest Moment as 3T:
Brotherhood Tour ‘97

Favorite Food:
French Fries, Cereal, Pancakes

Favorite Color:
Black, Red, Green, Blue

Favorite Number:
16, 2, 3, 5

Favorite Snack:

Favorite TV Show:
WCW/WWF wrestling, Friends

Favorite Movie:
Major League, Star Wars Trilogy

Favorite Actor:
Will Smith

Favorite CD:

Favorite Song:
Too Many

Favorite 3T Song: "Anything"
More About Taryll : Taryll loves to write music hes behind the work of writing songs for 3T along with is Brothers Taj & TJ however Taryll loves writing songs more then his brothers do .
Taryll & TJ has wrote songs for Artist such as  Hilary Duff & Others .

Birthdate and birthday place :
8/8/75 Los Angeles

What kind of girls don't you like? And why?
Honest, Loyal, fun, and understanding. Those are the most important qualties to me
(Note : Taryll understood "What kind of girl DO you like"!)

Do you wish a lot of children?
Yes maybe about four or five

Nick Names

Tary, Jat ( Taj spelled backwards )

Tarylls Dislikes :
Messy People , & Racism , & Gangster Rap music
Taryll Official site
Coming soon!

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